SmartStrand: Combining Permanent Stain Resistance and Durability

Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpeting features break-through stain protection built into every single fiber. No chemicals to apply, no treatments to schedule and no worries — that’s the beauty of SmartStrand with DuPont™ Sorona®. In repeated SmartStrand Protection tests on tough stains like mustard and red wine, SmartStrand’s permanent built-in resistance outperformed similar fibers, including premium stain-treated nylon. SmartStrand doesn’t fade even with carpet’s most feared enemy — bleach! Most stains remove easily with water and mild detergent. The spill happened days ago? It’s still no match for SmartStrand.

It’s hard to find a good product that doesn’t make compromises or tradeoffs and delivers its full promise. That is, until SmartStrand. SmartStrand offers you and your consumer everything one could want in a carpet, without compromise. When compared to nylon and other carpet fibers, SmartStrand isn’t just smart, It’s just better.